As the number one hotel company in the world, Four Seasons has built its reputation by providing incredible customer service and quality experiences for each of their guests and homeowners. These are the people who have built that reputation from day one and have made the Denver Four Seasons home for hundreds of proud owners.



General Manager



Director of Residence


THIERRY | General Manager

A self-proclaimed hotel brat, Thierry’s had his fair share of travels. By the time he turned 20, he’d made his bed in more countries than the average travel agent will visit in a lifetime. His father, an International Executive for Bata Shoes, kept the family on the move and exposed Thierry to both the comforts and discomforts of hotel living. Growing up, Thierry would keep busy learning languages, racing motorcycles, and wandering into the staff-only parts of hotels. We sat down to talk with a man who’s bartended for the Rolling Stones, upstaged Britney and Justin on a Caribbean wharf and narrowly escaped a coup d’etat in Jakarta.

JOHN | Director of Residences

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, John spent the better part of his childhood in Connemara, where his family frequented Rosleague Manor, a small Victorian-style hotel where John would perform the occasional egg-run. A teenage crush led him to pursue an education in hospitality which eventually led to breakfast with Dan Marino, room service for Michael Jackson, and a brush with Bill Clinton and his secret service. We sat down with John to connect the dots from small-time staffer to Director of Residences, Four Seasons Denver.